Floodlight with Motion Sensor

Floodlight with Motion Sensor

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Floodlights including motion detection

Floodlights have high power SMD LED chips capable of producing high lumen output and an integrated PIR sensor for security purposes. This modern and low maintenance LED floodlight has been designed with practical and versatile applications in mind. Introducing the new 360° rotation feature, it makes the floodlight easy to install, allows the floodlight to be aimed in any direction and is no longer restricted to wall mounting. The premium quality aluminium body which is incredibly corrosion resistant makes it easy to maintain and clean. The glass cover is 4mm strengthened clear glass which is fully waterproof and resistant to all environmental factors. The PIR sensor has a detection range of 10m to ensure that early detection is possible. The light source inside is made up from multiple high power SMD LED's which are directly connected with the aluminium shell. The design ensures very low heat emissions and has a much longer lifespan.

The SLF PIR LED Floodlights offer a natural light for improved visibility and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Say goodbye to the bulky floodlights and welcome the new modern, slimline, stylish floodlight designed for today's consumer who wants to be set apart from the rest.

Areas with potential security risks and areas where light is not permanently required

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